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Does a tea party take you back to your childhood?

Do you remember dressing up and putting on your best manners as you sipped pretend tea out of tiny cups and shared pretend delicacies with your friends, parents, teddy bears or a dressed up pet? Is there a little girl inside of you who longs for a lovely time of childish imagination and “so Big” manners?  Even if you don’t care for tea there is still room for you at the tea table and you would love it here. You see it really isn’t about the tea it’s the serenity and beauty of the friendship and the spirit of the tea party. It’s what happens when we make a place in or life for rituals of sharing and when we do the little extras that feed the soul and nurture the sense and make space for unhurried conversation, doesn’t really matter what fills the cup or holds the liquid.

We have shared tea with so many people – from business executives, doctors and nurses, book club ladies, to 5 year old children and I find few resist a well served memorable tea party.