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Teatime (wine time) offers many wonderful possibilities for nurturing friendships. Let’s make full use of gathering creative tea party ideas:

  • Send a birthday tea party in a box, everything you need to celebrate with a box of fresh scone mix, a few linen napkins, a nice lace tablecloth from a thrift store, box of tea bags, some artificial flowers and a book of poems or devotionals.  What a wonderful way to lift someone’s spirit.
  • When you have an afternoon tea gathering ask each one to bring a yard of their favorite beautiful wrapping paper.  When guest arrive have each one cut out their own placemat- heart shaped, square, oval, scalloped, rectangular or whatever she fancies.
  • Enclose a tea bag with tea time invitations. Add a note inviting guests to enjoy one tea now and one tea later.
  • Invite a friend to come for tea and bring along an unfinished craft project. Enjoy your tea and work on your project.
  • It’s fun to prepare your own goodies, but don’t buy them try a bakery or a deli shop. Put in the effort and the imagination into setting a beautiful table and enjoying your teatime companion.
  • Enliven almost any tea gathering by having each guest bring his or her teacup.  You will learn so much about each other as you talk about your cups.  Some will be from wedding sets, some family heirlooms, some hastily purchased for the occasion.
  • Ask your tea guest to wear a hat, old or new.
  • Make your own chocolate leaves for garnish, brush melted chocolate onto a real leaf.  Let harden and gently remove the leaf.
  • Host an “adopt a grandma” or “adopt a kid” tea.  Have everyone bring a guest who is over 60-or under 8.
  • Host a bridal shower and ask guest to bring all things tea as gifts – teacups, little spoons, linens – or pool your gift money and buy the teapot.

A Teatime Blessing

Lord grant that our teatime together be steeped in serenity, sweetened by sharing and surrounded by the warm fragrance of your love.  Amen!!