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Humans are beautiful and breakable, like china cups….yet also strong and resilient. I am convinced that we humans need beauty in order to live rich fulfilling lives, beauty comes in the spirit of the tea, the beautiful table setting and the fresh picked beautiful flowers. You do not have to be wealthy to enjoy an amazing cup of tea with a friend or loved one. People wither when their lives are deprived of beauty. People also grow and flourish when they are able to respond to beauty around them and create their own form of beauty.

Tea really isn’t necessary to life as we know it.  There are many ways of quenching our thirst, filling our daily nutritional needs.

It is certainly possible to live life without afternoon teatime (England would probably dispute that). I can’t think of a more perfect way to spend an afternoon than chatting with a friend over a steaming cup of tea. Teatime makes memories and forge bonds between people and ministers health of body and spirit.

Beauty is all around us, the benefits of tea time is slowing down enough to notice all the beauty and forgetting about the worldly problems and busy society we live in today. Quiet tea-time you become more aware of the natural beauty around you, the sunrise, sunset, the flowers blooming and birds singing…..have a sip and fill up with memories.